Saturday, 20 April 2013

God Bless This Man Who Pity Me And Decided To Make Me His Wife

Popular comedienne Princess is a happy lady and she just can't hide her joy that after all these years of waiting for her Mr Right, and after she had almost given hope, a cute young was somewhere busy eyeing her and she didn't know. The guy has proposed and she accepted. They are getting married in May.

See her prayer to her soon to be husband below...
"I am so happy I'm now getting married, I can now proudly wear iro n buba like a Nigerian woman... God bless that young man that picked me and decided to pity me and marry me when I had given up all... I am saying this because I want you all to hear it, God bless him for me for covering up my shame!"


2face donates traditional wedding cap and shoes to charity (SEE PHOTOS)

2face has donated the cap and shoes he wore for his traditional wedding to Charity. This unprecedented and unexpected act was done to help raise money for the Lagos State Motherless Babies Home through the Kaymu Celebrity Charity Auctions.

The Kaymu Celebrity Charity Auctions is a commendable initiative from Nigeria’s leading eCommerce community for buying and selling online,

The initiative launched last month with donations coming from DJ Caise, DJ Obi, DRB, Lynnx, and Eku Edewor-Thorley.
According to the MD of Kaymu Lukas Zels, the items were donated immediately 2Face returned from Dubai where he had his white wedding. The coffee color branded cap and shoe with the inscription “2Baba” is now being auctioned on Kaymu and can be won by any of 2Face’s fans through bidding. 2Baba who is known for his generosity and kindness has once again demonstrated it through this special donation.

He’s counting on his fans and well meaning Nigerians to help him raise money for the less privileged kids through their bidding. Help a child in need, start bidding to make a difference today!

BREAKING NEWS: Deadly earthquake hit Sichuan, China – Death toll now at 157, more than 6,000 injured

At least 156 people have been killed and thousands more left injured after a powerful earthquake jolted China's Sichuan province near the same area where a devastating quake struck five years ago.
More than 5,500 people are reported to have been injured in the earthquake which struck mountainous Lushan county shortly after 8am this morning local time, and 19 people have been reported missing in the wake of the tremor.
The earthquake, while not as destructive as the one in 2008, toppled buildings, triggered landslides and disrupted phone and power connections in the region.

The village of Longmen was hit particularly hard, with authorities saying nearly all the buildings there had been destroyed by the terrifying minute-long tremor.
The China Earthquake Administration said at least 156 people had died, including 96 in Lushan. In the jurisdiction of Ya'an, which administers Lushan, 19 people were reported missing and more than 5,500 people were injured, the administration said.

'It was such a big quake that everyone was scared,' said a woman who answered the phone at a kindergarten hours later and declined to give her name. 'We all fled for our lives.'
Emergency workers turned the square outside the Lushan County Hospital into a triage center, where medical personnel bandaged bleeding victims, according to footage on China Central Television.
Rescuers used dynamite to clear boulders that had fallen across roads to reach Longmen and other damaged areas lying farther up the mountain valleys, state media reported.
The quake - measured by the earthquake administration at magnitude-7.0 and by the U.S. Geological Survey at 6.6 - struck the steep hills of Lushan county shortly after 8 a.m., when many people were at home, sleeping or having breakfast.
People in their underwear and wrapped in blankets ran into the streets of Ya'an and even the provincial capital of Chengdu, 70 miles east of Lushan, according to photos, video and accounts posted online.
The quake's shallow depth, less than 8 miles, is likely to have magnified its impact. 
Chengdu's airport shut down for about an hour before reopening, though many flights were cancelled or delayed, and its railway station halted dozens of scheduled train rides Saturday, state media said.
Lushan reported the most deaths, but there was concern that casualties in neighboring Baoxing county might have been under-reported because of inaccessibility after roads were blocked and power and phone services cut off.

As the region went into the first night after the quake, rain started to fall, slowing rescue work.
Forecasts are pointing to more rain over the coming days, and the China Meteorological Administration warned of possible landslides and other geological disasters.
Tens of thousands of people moved into tents or cars, unable to return home or too afraid to go back as aftershocks continued to jolt the region.
Lushan, where the quake struck, lies where the fertile Sichuan plain meets foothills that eventually rise to the Tibetan plateau and sits atop the Longmenshan fault. It was along that fault line that a devastating magnitude-7.9 quake struck on May 12, 2008, leaving more than 90,000 people dead or missing and presumed dead in one of the worst natural disasters to strike China in recent decades.
'It was just like May 12,' Liu Xi, a writer in Ya'an city, who was jolted awake by today's quake, said via a private message on his account on Sina Corporation's Twitter-like Weibo service. 'All the home decorations fell at once, and the old house cracked.'
The official Xinhua News Agency said the well-known Bifengxia panda preserve, which is near Lushan, was not affected by the quake. Dozens of pandas were moved to Bifengxia from another preserve, Wolong, after its habitat was wrecked by the 2008 quake.
As in most natural disasters, the government mobilized thousands of soldiers and others - 7,000 people by this afternoon - sending excavators and other heavy machinery as well as tents, blankets and other emergency supplies.
Two soldiers died after the vehicle that they and more than a dozen others were in slipped off the road and rolled down a cliff, state media reported.

Treason: Uwazuruike, 6 others must face trial –Supreme Court

Attempts by the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Chief Ralph Uwazurike, and six other members of the organisation to prevent their being tried for treason were quashed yesterday when the Apex Court by a unanimous judgment okayed their trial.

The order followed the dismissal of an appeal filed by all the accused persons in the case to quash the charge and terminate their trial. Lagos lawyer and Chief Mike Ahamba (SAN) teamed up at one point to prosecute the appeal.

The apex court which dismissed their appeal yesterday for want of merit also returned their case file to the Abuja Federal high court and ordered that their trial should be commenced promptly and conducted with dispatch.

Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, who read the lead judgment, observed that the appeal, filed by Festus Keyamo (for the MASSOP members) amounted to an “unnecessary and clearly a waste of precious judicial time since all the information imaginable that the appellants would need for their appeal had been made available to them before they appealed to the Court of Appeal.”

Other appellants in the case who are now to face trial include Ambrose Anyaso, Augustine Ihuoma, Chibuike Nwosu, Kelechi Ubabuike, Chimankpa Okorocha and Benedict Alakwem.

Saturday Mirror reports that seven principal members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOP) including their leader, Ralph Uwazurike, were arraigned before a Federal High Court in Abuja on 8 November, 2005 on a four-count charge of conspiracy, treason, belonging to a militant group – MASSOB Army, and belonging to an unlawful society -MASSOB. They, however, pleaded not guilty and applied that they be granted bail.

They also asked the court to stop the state from prosecuting them on account of an order ex-parte made in their favour for a stay of further actions granted by a Federal High Court in Owerri pending fundamental rights enforcement suit filed by the MASSOB leaders.

They faulted the charge and prayed the trial court to dismiss it. In a ruling on January 27, 2006, the trial court refused all their prayers and dismissed their application. Aggrieved by the decision, they came on appeal before the Abuja division of the Court of Appeal asking that the trial high court verdict be set aside.

The intermediate appellate court gave its judgment on May 15, 2008 granting only their prayer for bail.

Dissatisfied, Uwazuruike and six others headed for the apex court,complaining among others, that the counts against them were improper because there was no proof of evidence accompanying the charge.
The Supreme Court, after examining the records and their arguments, entered judgment against them yesterday. Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour prepared the leading judgment of the court which was read yesterday.

In stressing the frivolity of the appeal, Justice Rhodes-Vivour held that the accused persons were provided with more information in relation to the charge, more than what they were entitled to under Section 33(1) and (2) of the Federal High Court Act.

“Though the appellants are not entitled to know the nature of evidence against them, the learned trial judge ordered the nature of evidence (information) served on the appellants, and this was done before their appeal in the Court of Appeal.

“The argument that the charge should be dismissed because it was not accompanied by proof of evidence is a mere technicality designed to defeat the course of justice. In the light of the fact that the proof of evidence has been filed and is available to the appellants, trial should proceed with dispatch.

“The result is that the two issues urged in this appeal, on behalf of the appellants, fail and the appeal must fail as there is no merit.

This appeal is dismissed,” Justice Rhodes-Vivour held. The other members of the panel – Justices Mahmud Mohammed, John Afolabi Fabiyi, Mary Ukaego Peter-Odili and Kumai Bayang Akaahs agreed with him. The police may soon go after all the accused persons to enable the state proceed against them.

Cutie!: Woman Living with Beard and Moustache - Photos


Some guys out there dont even have beard despite their interest in it..A German woman who struggled with facial hair for nearly two decades said she finally feels sexy, now that she’s ditched the clippers and let her beard grow.
“I feel more confident and I know myself better now than when I was younger,” the 49-year-old mom, identified only as Mariam, told the British talk show, “This Morning.”
Mariam explained to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield she began growing facial hair 28 years ago, after the birth of her son.

Extra hormones produced during pregnancy can trigger hair growth.
She tried electrolysis three times, but the hair always grew back.
After years of using tweezers to disguise the growing goatee, Mariam gave up in August 2008.
“It was more curiosity, like what will happen with me if I let it grow,” she said. “Like how it will make me feel.”
Now Mariam only trims her beard for maintenance. She’s the “Bearded Lady” in a traveling circus and writes about her experiences on a blog.
Despite some nasty comments and criticism — even Mariam’s own mother questioned her decision to keep the beard— she discovered a newfound confidence. After being single for a decade, she’s also looking for love.
“I think I’m more ready to have a relationship,” Mariam said.

Must Read: Check Out Why You Must Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing

You might want to think twice next time you wear your brand new clothes without washing them, medical specialists caution.
Since the UAE is known for being a one-stop shopping destination, home to thousands of international brands, many chemicals are used to keep the clothes wrinkle-free by the time they arrive in the country.
“Most clothing brands, even international ones produce their products in Asian countries to cut on costs. So in order to keep them wrinkle-free, by the time they arrive to the desired destination, a chemical called Formaldehyde is used,” Dr Ikramullah Al Nasir, Specialist Dermatologist and Medical Director of Dermacare Skin Centre, said.
Al Nasir also pointed out that the same is true when it comes to non-iron wash-and-wear clothes that have gained popularity among people who are too busy to iron their clothes.
In order to keep these clothes wrinkle-free for prolonged shipping periods or create the crease free quality of wash and wear clothes, higher quantities of Formaldehyde are needed: “In high quantities, people with sensitivity or known allergy to Formaldehyde can develop mild reactions such as itching to full blown skin dermatitis,” Al Nasir said.
The last display piece of clothing or shoe is another aspect that shoppers must take into consideration as it might cause health related issues.
“A garment worn by many people can carry a risk of transferring scabies, a skin disease that produces an extremely severe itch and rash on the body. It is easily transferable and highly contagious. The second risk is dust mites which can cause allergic reaction,” he added.
Purchasing the last shoe item can also cause fungal infection of the foot or nails especially if the person trying the shoes has sweaty feet as they are more prone because they make the skin softer and so the power of organism’s penetration Al Nasir
Lingerie and swimming wear which can be tried in dressing rooms can have high risk of herpes, fungal and bacterial infection and so Al Nasir advices that they are washed in a high water temperature before use.
Other risks include black artificial leather shoes and garments as they are dyed by the chemical Phenylenediamine (PPD) that can create a generalised skin reaction or an allergic skin reaction called Allergic Lichenoid Dermatitis.
Most UAE residents like Emirati national Khawla Al Blooshy told Gulf News that not knowing who wore the item or what it went through before it reaches the store is an issue: “It depends if the clothes look like they have been tried by many people. I am scared of getting diseases.”
Dubai-based fashion stylist who preferred not to be named recalled a perfect example of what residents such as Khawla fear.
“My company once borrowed a high-end shirt for a photo-shoot and during the shoot I noticed that the model was sweating and large sweat marks where starting to form. So after the photo-shoot I hand washed the item at a public toilet and dried it on the street. Later on that day I returned the shirt to the store and to my surprise they returned it back to its plastic packaging and put it on the shelf.”
Palestinian national Yousuf Hamad, however, never washes his clothes and does not think it is important. “I never wash my new clothes. I assume that they are already clean and I have never faced a problem before so I don’t think that it is a big deal” [GN]