Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Husband Is Not The Real Father Of My 3 Kids,Should I Tell Him?

Dear Readers,

 My husband thinks he is the father of my three kids I’m anonymous, the first child of my parents and I have three sisters who are still in secondary school.

 I got married in 2008 to a man I did not love, but had to do it because our family needed the assistance he provided. Before we got married, I used to date some guy and we were so in love, but then he didn't have anything.

 Both of my parents have diabetes and need to be constantly on their medications which I couldn't afford as the first child. While at a party a friend introduced me to this guy, telling me how rich he was and I immediately jumped at it, because I wanted something from him.

We began dating and he was generous, he gave my parents monthly allowance which they used to buy their medications, but the problem was that I wasn't feeling anything for him. My ex still used to call me and we met often.

 Nine months later he proposed to me and I just couldn't say no, though I didn't love him. Eventually we got married and whenever it was that time of the month I denied him sex, citing some silly excuses, but went to see my ex, who was gladly having fun with me (which I enjoyed by the way).

 My husband loves my kids, but he doesn't know that they are not his. I am scared that one day he will find out.

Should I tell him or just hope and pray he doesn’t find out?


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