Friday, 19 April 2013

Messi buys over noisy neighbour’s appartment

Lionel Messi has dealt with the problem of having annoying neighbors by simply buying their house, like a boss.
It’s not often we hear of Lionel Messi doing something extravagant with all his money, but it seems like he might have done just that by purchasing his neighbor's house.
According to a report in Spanish paper El Mundo Deportivo, Messi is currently living in the Pedralbes area of Barcelona with his wife and son, where they bought an apartment a little over a year ago. However, they are only there as a temporary measure while their house in the Castelfedells neighborhood is being renovated.
His neighbors, who were having problems meeting the demands of their mortgage, offered to sell their house to Messi, but the Argentine wasn’t interested.
As a result, the neighbors poor behavior increased, including a lot of noise and loud music at all hours, but that wasn’t the worst of it. To make a bit of extra cash, they started renting out the house to interested fans and celebrity spotters who wanted to get a look at the football superstar.
When he built a wall to stop this from happening, they threatened to report the Messi's for making the wall too high.
As a result, Messi decided to just take their house, as they originally suggested, just to get some peace and quiet for the price of about a million euro. It’s a tough aul life all the same.


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