Thursday, 18 April 2013



pls help me to post this before I commit suicide:
My name is Patricia, I got married at d age of 20 and I had my first child a girl at the age of 21 through CS. After my first child i couldnt conceive again, i went to hospital and i was told that am suffering from blocking of fallopian tubes and also not ovulating well...i had been to hospitals and churches, yet no solution.
I decided to give my daughter the best of education, i luv my daughter so much. She was very beautiful, tall, full of life, always smiling at me.
She made so much promises to me. Am 31yrs old now and my daughter is 10, we went to sleep last night together...around 2am something happened...
My daughter started complain of stomach ache, within a short time, she started toileting and fell down immediately. Before getting to the hospital she gave up the ghost....
I nearly followed her if not for d help of crowd... My daughter was poisoned. My innocent child, who did she offended? What is her offense? Why not you take me along with her?
I cried and asking my daughter to wake up and talk to me but nothing happen .
Her remains was deposited in the mortuary but am yet to come out of this dream...Chioma pls come back to your mummy. There is nothing giving me joy any longer. How am i going to cope without my Angel? Remember all ur promises that u are going to take care of me, buy me motor, bear many children for me etc.. Who is going to do it again? Pls come back to me.
You left me yesterday without any i am mourning u wit heavy heart..I've been weeping since yesterday til now. Mummy pls come back to me! I luv u so much, am missing ur absence, ur daddy is crying; ur room and ur clothes are here waiting for who to take over...
My pastor are here preaching the word of God to me but one thing is missing in lacking joy, happiness and am lonely.


Am asking Nigerias and outside countries to help me out of this. If u know any hospital, Herbal home, Churches that will handled my case of inability to conceive, pls just direct me to the place... I want to be happy again...I want to be a mother again. Pls just direct me what to do..
I need your prayer also..

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