Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More And More Nigerian Men Are Going Infertile – Experts Warn!

 A minute silence was observed in honour of the joint pioneer of IVF in the world, Sir Prof. Bob Robert Edwards. VF pioneer, Robert Edwards who died last week, at 87. Edwards co-developed technique that has helped bring more than four million children into the world. These are impressive numbers and necessary knowledge, because fertility experts have warned: if nothing is done urgently to reverse the trend, more Nigerian men will not be able to impregnate their spouses even as they blamed most cases of childlessness in marriages to male factor infertility.

Managing Director, Nordica Fertility Centre, Lagos, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi and Prof. Stanley Okolo, a Nigerian Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at North Middlesex University Hospital, London yesterday at the clinic’s celebration, blamed the rising male factor infertility in Nigeria on the largely environment and lifestyle. 

The gynaecologist identified low sperm count as the commonest cause of infertility in men. According to him, men with low sperm count cannot impregnate their wives, no matter the rounds of intimate intercourse they have.
Explaining the causes of low sperm count, he said, “Infections can cause it. A lot of people are born that way. Some people inherit low sperm count. Sometimes, it is a tough thing for them to understand. 

Ajayi said: “Yes there is rising cases of infertility in the country. It is usually a male factor issue. Most of the infertility cases in Nigeria are due to problem with the men. These issues especially of low sperm count are because of environmental issues and lifestyle. Several studies even in Denmark have shown that male sperm count is plummeting.
“They will tell you that their fathers have many children. But we know that in genetics, some genes are recessive, while some are dormant. So it is possible for your father to have a recessive gene for low sperm count, which now manifests in you.”

To Ajayi, diagnosis is not a problem in infertility treatment. The problem is getting the appropriate treatment. 

“The tests are specified and almost everybody can interpret them. The problem is how to get the appropriate treatment. That is why people go for escapist methods. They go from one prayer house to the other. They go to traditional doctors.” 
“The earlier men go for treatment the better because the age of a woman can determine the success of any treatment. Men should stop blaming women for the problem. Both male and female factors can cause infertility.” 
As part of efforts to enable more Nigerians benefit from the high cost technique, the clinic yesterday offered free pre-IVF treatment screening opportunity to 12 ‘infertile’ couples with the promise of giving free 100 per cent IVF treatment to only three after the screening exercise.

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