Monday, 15 April 2013

Girlfriend played prank on boyfriend lands her in jail - “Call the police, we are getting robbed”

 Mireya Arciga, 19, came up with the brilliant idea to catch her boyfriend’s attention. While at work, Arciga texted her boyfriend Call the police. We are getting robbed, on Friday. As any sane person would do, he immediately called police upon receiving the startling text message and told them his girlfriend, who works at State Farm Insurance in Indianapolis, IN, was being robbed.
Officers approached the building with their weapons drawn. Once inside the building, officers found Arciga at her desk on the phone, as if she was texting. The police report states there seemed to be no sign of danger. When police asked Arciga if her business had been robbed, she told the officers that everything was fine. She informed them that she was the only person in the business. Officers then asked the teen what she’d texted her boyfriend that prompted him to call 911. She told officers that she texted her boyfriend a police car icon.
Officers seized the young woman’s phone and found the text that she had sent to her boyfriend that told him to call the police because “they” were being robbed. Arciga told officers that she was joking and didn’t think her boyfriend would really call police. Arciga was arrested and is facing charges for false reporting. Officials also found that Arciga had a warrant out for her arrest in Marion County for driving while suspended. The manager of the business was contacted by police and made aware of the situation. Reports are not indicating whether or not the girl has been reprimanded by her job.

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