Thursday, 25 April 2013

PICTURE Of The Man Who Was Deported For Being Too Handsome

Stumbled upon one of the men who were deported for being too handsome.

The man is quite good looking but that doesn't justify his deportation.

Apparently, seems like Saudi men are too insecure to allow fine men into their country.

Wow!: Inmate fathers 5 children with four female prison guards while incarcerated, 13 guards indicted

Over a dozen state correctional officers in Maryland have been charged with serious corruption.

 The officers are accused of helping inmates run a gang that allowed for drug trafficking and money laundering, all while behind bars.

The thirteen female prison guards were charged by the US Attorney’s Office in federal court.

 They’ve been accused of smuggling cell phones, prescription pills and other contraband into the prison.

“The inmates literally took over ‘the asylum,’ and the detention centers became safe havens for BGF,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt said about the indictments.

The alleged gang leader, Tavon White, was the center of attention during the investigation.

Police say that he was sleeping with at least four of the prison guards at the same time, fathering five kids since he was incarcerated in 2009.

 White seemed to feel that the jail belonged to him, and that anyone who disagreed with him would be severely punished.

“This is my jail. You understand that? I’m dead serious. I make every final call in this jail,” he allegedly said during one phone call.

The indictment also lists seven inmates as co-conspirators, shining a light on a highly-organized criminal enterprise.

 During one call, White talked about how he earned just $16,000 during a slow month.

 Female guards were recruited by inmates to smuggle goods into the prison  and pick up payments.

Gary D. Maynard, head of prisons in Maryland, took responsibility for what happened.

“It’s totally on me. I don’t make any excuses,” he said. “It’s absolutely my responsibility.”

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Woman ordered to pay ex-husband $7,000 for lying that she was a virgin… in fact, she was a divorcee

You oftentimes hear men complain about their wives changing upon marriage.

The girlfriend who cooked gourmet meals weekly becomes a TV dinner wife.

 The girlfriend who cleaned her place before her man came over becomes the wife that hoards a decade’s worth of junk.

 The girlfriend who exercised every day becomes a wife that that is too tired to go to the gym.

 People forget that the person they fell in love with as boyfriend or girlfriend is practically the same person they’d like to be with upon marriage.

What if men were allowed to sue their wives for not being the person they though they were?

 One man did and won his case. An Egyptian woman has been ordered to pay her ex-husband £5,240 or $7,500 in damages after he discovered that she lied about being a virgín.

 The woman went through great lengths to conceal the loss of her virginíty by having a secret surgery. After three years of marriage and one child, the man received text messages revealing his wife’s secrets.

During the couple’s bitter divorce battle, there was yet another secret the woman withheld from her husband — she’d been previously married.

The man said as a result of her deception he was ‘suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people around him.’

The judge ruled in the  man’s favor by ordering the wife to pay $7,500 for his emotional distress and to help him overcome the stigma in what is considered in some parts of Arab an embarrassment to him and his family.

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Chinese ‘cannibal’: Drunk bus driver leaps on woman and chews her face (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

The recent terrifying spate of ‘cannibal attacks’ seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman’s face in a horrific random attack.

The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker.

According to local news reports, the driver, named Dong, had been drinking heavily during lunch with his friends before the outburst on Tuesday.

He then ran on to the road in the city of Wenzhou, in south-east China, and stood in front of the car being driven by a woman named Du, stopping her from moving.
Attack: A man named Dong was seen gnawing on the face of a woman (left) but was later arrested (right)
Dong climbed on the car’s hood and started beating the vehicle while the panicked woman screamed for help.
When she left the car and tried to escape, the bus driver leaped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground.
It was then that Dong started biting Du’s face, leaving her covered in blood and weeping as passers-by tried to pull the attacker off his victim.
Witnesses said that the bus driver had gone ‘crazy’ and was successfully resisting attempts to subdue him.
Devastated: Du (left) will require plastic surgery after the attack on a crowded Chinese street (right)
When police arrived, they managed to take Dong into custody, bringing the appalling rampage to an end.
Du was taken to hospital, where doctors said she would need surgery to repair her nose and lips.
The incident comes in the wake of a number of similar attacks committed by drugged-up psychopaths in the U.S.
Perhaps the best-known of these came in May, when Rudy Eugene chewed a homeless man’s face off before being shot dead by police.

Yes, I am Boko Haram – Immigration officer confesses, names other security personnel in Islamic sect

Nigerians have consistently maintained that the dreaded sect Boko Haram must surely have sympathisers in government and security agencies, considering how effective their attacks have been. Finally, there is proof.

A high profile Boko Haram member, who is an officer of Nigeria’s Immigration Services, Ahmed Grema Mohammed, has named some security personnel among those carrying out terrorist attacks in the country.

 His confession came after he was arrested by the men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Mohammed, who is an officer of the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) attached to the Nangere office of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Yobe State, was apprehended at a checkpoint on the Maiduguri-Damaturu road while on his way to kill a former special adviser to the immediate past governor of the state.

Most of the personnel named by Mohammed have been arrested, while security agencies are on the trail of others.

The news of Mohammed’s arrest was contained in a JTF statement signed by the task force spokesman, Lt. Col Sagir Musa.

According to the statement, Mohammed had been on the wanted lists in the country and was arrested on August 17, this year for impersonating a lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.

“Mohammed confessed to be actively involved in the killings of some senior civil servants, security agents, and politicians in Damaturu who spoke against the activities of Boko Haram, particularly the former chairman of Damboa Council, Alhaji Lawal Kawu.

“He also took part in the attack on the old Police Headquarters in Damaturu, where some policemen were killed and large quantity of arms and ammunition carted away.

“In addition, he was among the terrorists that attacked Damaturu Prison, burnt some primary schools, the State CID office and the Police Safety Vehicle, among others.

“The suspect revealed to JTF that he and 15 other members of the organization were intensively trained for three months on G3 and AK 47 rifles, as well as in assassinations and special operations in Niger Republic.

“He also revealed names of some security personnel that participated in terrorists’ attacks in Borno and Yobe states.”

Recently, the Joint Task Force has recorded a string of successes against Boko Haram, including the killing of the sect’s spokesman, Abu Qaqa.A

Student sentenced to death by hanging for stealing N2000 in Delta

An Ogwashi-Uku High Court in Delta State has sentenced a 23-year old student, Aruhor Ezekiel, to death by hanging for robbing another student of N2,000 at gunpoint.

The convict was arraigned on a four-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery and illegal possession of firearms punishable under sections 1 (2)a and 3 (1) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act Cap R.II Vol. 14 laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

Prosecution led by Deputy Director in the state Ministry of Justice, Mr. E. Ferdinard, told the court that “Aruhor Ezekiel, on or about the 26th of July 2010 at Umu-Otu quarters within Ogwashi Uku judicial division robbed one Idakpo Friday of his Nokia handset, MP3, wallet containing N2,000, school identity card, clearance card and some complimentary cards while armed with a gun.”

He was also charged for “robbing one Ijie Theophilus of his phone and wallet while also armed with a gun.”

All victims, according to prosecution, were students of Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku, while the convict was a student of Ozoro Polytechnic Ozoro, Delta State.

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