Monday, 15 April 2013

RAPIST: Man rapés woman by threatening her with releasing séx tape

A man rapéd a woman repeatedly by threatening her with a séx tape.

A 41-year-old man is accused of forcing a woman to have séx with him, threatening to show séx videos that he recorded in random motels of her having séx to her husband and to kill her family if she did not submit to him.

Le Q. Hung was charged with aggravated assault by threat with a deadly weapon and improper visual recording, according to court documents from Harris County District Court. A woman told police that she had a séxual relationship with Hung for about two months after meeting him in a bar and having séx with him in a motel.

During that first meeting, he recorded them having séx without her knowledge and used the recording to force her to continue having séx with him by threatening to show the video to her husband and co-workers if she refused, the report said.

The woman told investigators that she tried to ignore Hung, but he came to her place of work, followed her home and threatened to assault her and her husband if she refused to see him. Hdemanded that she follow him to his new home and said that if she refused he would distribute copies of the videos to her husband and co-workers.

She told police she agreed because she wanted to recover all his home videos, so she could be free of threats of distributing the copies. Hung demanded séx from her once she got to his home and she refused, she told investigators. Then he pulled a gun and pointed it at her head, threatening to kill her, her husband and son before committing suicide if she refused to continue having séx with him, the report said. He said he has only one life and he does not care, she told police.

After Hung put away the gun and told him she did not have to leave her husband, even though he said they were going to continue having séx, she told police she pretended that everything was fine. Then he took her to lunch at the Hibachi Grill on Westheimer.

At home, she was able to retrieve a micro scan disk memory card and two DVDs of the two having séx, but Hung said he had a lot of videos on his computer, the report said. She returned home and reported the incident and what happened with Hung over the past two months, the police report said.

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