Monday, 15 April 2013

I Slept With My husband Driver, Now I’m Suffering – Please Help Me.

 Several years ago, when I was searching for a child, I had an affair with my husband’s driver.
He didn’t want to have anything to do with me but I blackmailed him into doing it by threatening him that I would lie against him that he came into my bedroom unannounced and uninvited to force himself on me.
It took me almost six months to get him to finally agree to my proposal; as a matter of fact, I forced him the day my husband travelled out of town. He actually cried after he slept with me. Having done it once, it was easy for me to force him subsequently. That affair led to a pregnancy I passed on to my husband. I was happy because through him I became a mother. For that, I will ever be grateful to him but when the child was born, I engineered the sacking of the driver to cover the identity of the child. I didn’t want him suspecting the paternity of the child.
At that point, I was beyond caring about the kind of lie I told; what mattered then was getting him sacked. So I lied to my husband that he stole my jewellery and money I forget inside the car. I said this because I knew it was the only way my husband would get rid of him. Even though deep down it was painful, I had to do it to protect my child from eventual ridicule hence developed the strength to confront him. Beyond protesting his innocence, he told me especially that something would happen later in life to warrant my coming back to beg him for forgiveness.I dismissed him and went about my normal life.
After the birth of my first child and son, the others came in quick succession. I didn’t have to sleep with another man to have them. Deep down I owe my stay in my husband’s house to my first son. Apart from being brilliant, he was the favourite of his father. He graduated at a very early age of 20, finished serving at 21 and was already a member of the board of his father company when things suddenly changed.
It all started one morning when he refused to come out of his room the day he was meant to represent his father at an important meeting with a minister in whose ministry they were pursuing a contract. His father had to attend the meeting, which was a good thing because by afternoon, he was already manifesting severe signs of mental disability.
Since then there is no hospital we haven’t taken him to, including the Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba. There he was on admission for almost a month. All the drugs given him only made him worse until we had no choice but to take him away to a church on the counsel of my elder sister. We eventually ended up in a white garment church where I was told to produce his father if he is to be cured.
According to them, only his father’s prayer would heal him of his strange illness. Needless to say, my marriage is hanging in the balance but that is the least of my problem. Through the help of our former driver’s friend my husband knew, we were able to trace him to his village where he now resides with his family. After explaining the reason we came to him, he laughed and told us to go back the way we came because he will never forgive me for denying him of his son. He said my son is the only male child he has.
He said he won’t do what we want until I agree to sleep with him again as well as compensate him for the lies I told against him. I don’t want anything to happen to my son,
 please help me!

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