Thursday, 18 April 2013

The drama continues: Wedding pictures of Solomon Akiyesi and first wife Ezinne emerge

This is really getting messier…

We reported a while back that the Nollywood actor in question, Solomon Akiyesi was married to someone else apart from Lilian – the woman everyone knows as his legal wife. So here are pictures from his very first wedding.

Ezinne and Solomon are still married but do not live in the same house.
‘Solomon began dating Lilian when he was still married to Ezinne and despite all the warnings from Ezinne, Lilian refused to leave Solomon alone.
So, Ezinne left him alone and Solomon took a walk and moved out but was in contact with Ezinne and had been begging her up until last month to let them begin afresh”.
They had Traditional and Church wedding Ceremonies on April 20, 2003 and the reception was at LA kings stadium road  in Portharcourt.

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