Friday, 3 May 2013

Hero: Dog saves 76-year-old owner who was trapped under car for 4 days (PICTURED)

Boydy, an Australian kelpie, truly is a loyal companion.

After his owner, 76-year-old Herbert Schutz, became trapped under his vehicle in Australia, the dog stayed by his side for four days until help arrived, local news sources report.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Schutz crashed his car Thursday on his Rylstone property after hitting a tree. He was pinned beneath the vehicle until Monday night. Two neighbors began a search for the elderly man when his daughter became concerned that she hadn’t heard from him.

“Even when we found him, the dog ran straight to his side and cuddled up to him. He didn’t want to leave him even then,” neighbor Eric Merritt told The Newcastle Herald.

Though Schutz was lucid when the two men found him around 6 p.m. Monday, he was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. He suffered from a fractured skull, two broken hips and a dislocated shoulder, the Herald reports.

As the Telegraph notes, Schutz “was adamant his dog had saved his life.”

“He said his dog lay on him and kept him warm a lot of the time,” Merritt told the publication.

Man’s best friend has often gone above and beyond to help save people in times of crisis. In October, a Japanese Akita jumped into freezing water in Scotland to keep his owner from drowning. Earlier, in 2011, a 79-year-old Minnesota woman said her dog chased away predators during the night she fell outside her home, and she credited her survival to the pup.

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Photos: Meet The 55 Year Old Woman Who Looks Like A 29 Year Old

Shellie Bo Talley is a 55 year woman who looks and dresses like a woman in her 20′s.
The only thing that gives her away is her grey hair. Shellie is a mum, grandmother, host and CEO of Blaq Pearl Entertainment. She says she’s never had surgery.



PHOTOS: Married Nigerian Female Artiste Pays N13.5 Million Surgery Fee For Angelina Jolie’s Lips

While some are crying for food, some have more than enough to even throw to the bin.

One of the people who have more than enough is a married Abuja based artist, Mrs. Regina Adeola, popularly called Gina, who allegedly said to have paid a whopping $85,000 as surgery fee to have her lips restructured to be like the American super actress, Angelina Jolie’s.

With this new development, no doubt, the lifestyle of entertainers in Nigeria, has massively taken a new turn. These new generation artistes imbibing all sorts of habits from their fellow American counterpart and the plastic surgery which was popularized by American celebrities seems to be the in-thing for these our Nigerian celebrities these days.

However, whatever that is done under the sun must always come to light, no matter how perfectly orchestrated and concealed, that is the case of the not too sexy singer.
Strong facts surfaced earlier this week, indicating that the lips of Abuja Based Pop-tar Mrs. Regina Adeola a.k.a. “African Jolie” are Pure Fake!

The secret of her artificial lips was disclosed by her intimate friend named Aisha, the two were said to have been at loggerheads over matter relating to men and Aisha spilled the beans of Gina’s deal in Spain where she went to do the lips surgery for $80,000 and additional $5000 for ‘after surgery’, maintenance and healing drugs.



Woman Sets House On Fire Because Her Husband Smoked All The Weed!

A Chicago woman accused of setting fire to a Riverside apartment after an argument with her husband over marijuana has been charged with arson, police said.

An investigation revealed that the former tenant of the unit had moved out two weeks prior and a married couple had moved in because the rent was paid to the end of April. The couple had been using the apartment to party and use heroin, according to the release.

Police learned that the couple went to the North Riverside Mall on Sunday and had stolen liquor. They returned to the apartment where they drank all day and later drove to Chicago to buy crack. They then returned to the apartment where they continued to drink and smoke, the release said.

The woman, later identified as Linda Lopez, 33, fell asleep and when she woke up, her marijuana was missing, the release said.

She confronted her husband and accused him of smoking her marijuana. The argument escalated to a fistfight and she threatened to stab her husband. Instead, she punctured a pink plastic bottle of perfume and poured it on a set of towels before igniting it with a lighter. Lopez told police she started the fire because she was angry her husband smoked the marijuana without her.

“The tenants inside the building are lucky to be alive,” said Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel in the release. “The two elderly tenants that live in the basement, both in their late 80s and early 90s, one is blind and one deaf. There’s no possible way these individuals could have made it out of that apartment on their own if the building had become fully engulfed.” There was fire damage to the second-floor apartment door, wall and floor, including the hallway, the release said.

Lopez was charged with aggravated arson and she appeared in court where she was ordered held on $20,000 bail, the release said.


Festival Of Commercial Sex Workers Going On In FESTAC Village

In the beginning, FESTAC Town was a purely residential estate. Originally referred to as Festival Town or FESTAC village, it is found along the Lagos/Badagry Expressway in Lagos.
But FESTAC is no longer what it used to be. It has lost its past glory in more ways than one. In particular, it is not a residential estate in every material particular anymore. It has become home to various activities.

Town of prostitutes…
One of the businesses that define FESTAC Town presently is prostitution. Indeed, it could be said there is a festival of sex, going on in some parts of the town. Some of the residents volunteered that they were harassed daily by the commercial sex workers on the prowl.
One of the preferred places where the women of easy virtues display their wares is First Avenue. As night falls, they converge on the long stretch and wait patiently like vultures. While some stand in twos and threes, others go solo. And to keep warm and high while standing in the dark, some of them puff cigarettes and weeds.

In various sizes and shapes, they come. Some are-not-so-young, others look as young as 14 and 15 year- olds, flaunting apple size breasts and buttocks still forming. But here, age is nothing; street wisdom is everything. Everyone strives to beat the other in the highly competitive sex trade. The roadside prostitutes, made up of students, married women, divorces and single mothers openly solicit for patronage from passers-by.
Perhaps, the highest concentration of sex workers in FESTAC is in a brothel found near the bride, linking the town with the extension. Indeed, it could be described as a ‘one-stop sex super market.’ There, sex walks on all fours. Ladies in skimpy attires that leave little to imagination strut their stuff. Some are bold enough to solicit for patronage, promising to give prospective customers “treats.” They also adopt fancy names like Beauty, Mimi, Cindy, Suzzie, Floxy, etc.

Recently, Daily Sun spent a night at the prostitutes’ paradise and saw them, reenacting Sodom and Gomorrah. Indeed, anything can happen there. Men were seen caressing women openly just as lovemaking took place inside cars parked in the neighbourhood. Drug dealing and weed smoking were also some of the activities going on there.
How they operate
Some of the ladies come from elsewhere to ‘hustle’ in FESTAC at night and leave in the morning. Coming to ‘work’, they dress somewhat respectably but when they get to their ‘office,’ they don their business outfits. The work clothes consist of breasts and belly exposing tops and tight fitting bum shorts, low waist trousers and micro-mini skirts.

Investigations revealed that some of the prostitutes’ camp in the brothel located near the bridge, linking the town with the extension. A number of them take up rooms at the rate of N3,500 daily and split the bill among themselves. The ladies, who camp at the brothel entertain clients in their rooms. But for a customer to be entertained inside the room before 12am, he has to pay N1,000 to the management of the hotel.
The market rate for sex there is not fixed. It depends on the time, class and desperation of those involved. The call girls charge between N1,500 and N3,000 for a trick. An all-night outing is put at anything from N3,000.

Some of the girls can engage in three-some if the price is right. A lady, who gave her name as Sylvia, told the reporter that she could sleep with two men if they pay well. “If two guys can pay me N8,000, I will spend the night with them.” Asked if she can cope with two men, she smiled and said: “Try me. No bi today yash dey for back.”
And in their desperation for customers, some of them flaunt their area of specialisation. Happiness, as one of them called herself, said she was a blow job expert. Another said she was willing to do it through the anus.

Condoms, pants everywhere
Evidences that the sex business is thriving are everywhere. For instance, used condoms are strewn all about the neighbourhood. Pants and bras of every colour hang in the open windows, painting the area in the colour of a red light district.
It was gathered that deaths are sometimes recorded in the brothel or guesthouse. A source said: “We have witnessed instances where dead bodies were brought out of the brothel.”

Residents’ dilemma
Those living near the enclave of sex are crying blue murder. According to them, the nuisance value of the commercial sex workers and their patrons is unbearable.

A resident, who lives close to the brothel complained: “They said it was a guest house but it is purely a brothel, it is for harlots. They are constituting nuisance and this is affecting the upbringing of our children. Sometimes, as early as 6.00pm, I can’t even see the way to enter my compound; somebody will just come and pack at the gate and the manager and so-called security men they have there will not control their customers in terms of how they park their cars.
They don’t have parking space. In fact, it is compound problem. It is the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) that caused this problem. I can tell that the house, standing there is not the one FHA approved. FHA knows that, the owner of the hotel knows that. They approved about five or 10 rooms as a guesthouse but what they have there is something else. I have called the police but nothing happened.

Even policemen used to sleep there. You can investigate by yourself. So, they are the same. Sometimes, armed robbers jump from the guest house into my compound. Do you believe that a whole officer was asking me irrelevant questions. Am I supposed to go to the hotel to monitor what is happening? The police, by the nature of their job, are supposed to know that this thing exists in Festac. If I complain to the police, they will start asking me: Did you see the armed robber? Was he carrying gun? They may want to implicate me; nothing is impossible.”

He further said: “This thing is not supposed to be here. If you ask other neighbours, they will narrate the same experience. If you come about 6.00pm, you will wonder if someone is living in my house, you will think that my compound is even the hotel. They will park cars in front of my house and have sex right inside the cars, not inside the hotel. It is the people that came to the hotel that are doing that. Another thing is the music they play.
They start playing the music from 6.00pm till 5.00am the following day. The speakers will be booming, disturbing the neighbourhood. This goes on everyday of the week. I wonder why FHA will allow this kind of nonsense in this place. They are there, taking bribe; if you give them money you will build any kind of nonsense you want in FESTAC. Otherwise, why should they allow this?”

Another resident said his children and visitors had been harassed by patrons, who mistook them for sex workers. “It is better forgotten,” he said with unmistakable agony in his voice.
Another resident added: “I live at the back of the guesthouse. We find it very difficult to enter our houses, especially in the evenings because harlots and men of the under world will be everywhere, blocking the road.
So, everyday that you enter your house, you thank God that you have succeeded for that day. We have encountered all sorts of problems because of the guesthouse. Sometime last year, somebody was visiting us in the evening; he could not have access to our house.
What he did was that he parked the vehicle beside the hotel and came in.
After staying with us and was about to go, he discovered that the vehicle he parked there had been vandalised.
They took away his laptop, international passport and everything that was inside the vehicle.
So, we are begging the government to come and rescue us, we are in a very big problem in FESTAC.”

He added that the place was a den of thieves. “A lot of times, armed robbers run into the hotel and police will pursue them and get them.
After few days, it will recur.
Our lives are not safe in his this Close we are living.
We are living in fear. If you come to the back of the guesthouse, you will see how the harlots display their pants, bras and other things in the windows and this is a place where we are training our children.

Anyone who comes around here in the evenings will witness what we are saying. We acquired the place as a residential area but we are crying because of the hotel and hoodlums that are attacking us. We are begging government and people concerned to come and rescue us before things get out of hand.”
On the efforts the residents have made to redress the situation, one of the residents said:
“We have reported this matter to the owner of the hotel and he promised us that he would look into it but up till now nothing has been done. The situation of the place is getting worse by the day.
To make matters worse, they started to play band every night. As soon you get home to rest after a hard day’s work, they start playing band.
We don’t sleep till about 5.00am when they close.
All these things are happening in a residential area.

We have called the man times without number to see what we are passing through. His progress should not be a problem to us. He acquired a land as we acquired ours through FHA as a residential area. Only God knows how he got the approval to run it as a hotel. Hotel is different from brothel. Hotel is a place where people go to rest but this one is the abode of harlots from all over the country.
They come and pay for rooms and begin to operate from there. Maybe, six or 10 girls will be resident in one room to terrorise the FESTAC area. It is an eye sore.
We have young people we are training and they are going out and coming in.
We have no value as human beings in FESTAC because of the area we are living and what is happening there. We are begging government to come and rescue us.”

Petitions The concerned residents have also petitioned the FHA and management of the guesthouse over the issue. The petitions bother on noise pollution, blockade of the road, leading to their houses by guests and patrons of the brothel, provocative and irresponsible behaviour of the harlots, loss of value in the property within the vicinity and revocation permit to operate as guesthouse.
Efforts to speak with the managing director of the outfit proved abortive. Daily Sun called him on telephone number 08034345784 but though it rang there was no response.

Source: Daily Sun Newspaper


Balotelli’s Girlfriend Dumps Him

Fanny Neguesha, Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend dumps him just days after he stated that the entire Madrid team could sleep with her.
According to Sun UK reports, Model Fanny, 22, moved out of the footie bad boy’s mansion in Italy following blazing rows over his joke remark and partying.

His friends say the striker is distraught at Fanny’s walkout — but has cheered himself up by buying a £200,000 Ferrari F450.

AC Milan star Balotelli, 22, had said the players — who include Cristiano Ronaldo — could have sex with Fanny if they managed to go through.

In his words:

“If Real Madrid makes it to the Champions League final, I will let my girlfriend sleep with all their players”.


Homosexual Kills Partner Over Decision To Get Married

The Lagos State Police Command started investigation into the murder of a banker, Adindu Ohamara, who was allegedly stabbed to death by his suspected homosexual lover in Akoka, Bariga Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that Ohamara lived in a three-bedroom flat with his elder sister, Flora and one Collins, an undergraduate of the University of Lagos. According to residents, the banker was stabbed repeatedly at his residence located at 26 Obayan Street.

HotNaijaNews learnt that Ohamara, who was believed to be a homosexual, was fond of bringing different men, who were also believed to be into same sex relationship, to his home.

It was learnt that trouble started when he (Ohamara) decided to get married due to pressure from his family.

A resident, who craved anonymity, said after the banker had his wedding introduction, a man, believed to be also a gay came to fight him.

He said, “A few weeks ago, Ohamara did his wedding introduction and shortly after that, one man came to the compound to fight him. There was a lot of noise over the issue and even neighbours had to come to settle the couple.

“The unidentified man had been jilted and threatened to deal with Ohamara before he left in anger.”
Our correspondent learnt that on April 9, 2013, the banker returned home with a man, who allegedly stabbed him at midnight and left.

According to police sources, hours before the incident, Collins went to Oharama’s room where he met the stranger sitting on Oharama’s bed, discussing with him.

A domestic worker in the house, who craved anonymity, said he saw the suspect fleeing with a laptop at midnight.

He said, “It was a Friday evening. Ohamara came home with the man and they went inside. I went to sleep but at midnight, I saw the man carrying a laptop and then he opened the gate and left. He did not run so I was not suspicious.

“Around 4am, Collins and Flora started shouting for help. A neighbour came to help them and they took him into his Toyota Camry and drove to a hospital.”

It was learnt that Ohamara was taken to Jonken Hospital from where he was referred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi Araba where he was confirmed dead.

The matter, it was learnt, was reported at the Sabo Police Division but was later referred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.

Our correspondent, who visited the house on Monday, learnt that the police later arrested all the adult occupants of the building, including the security guard identified only as Kazeem.

The policemen allegedly demanded N350,000 from each of the detained persons before they could be released.

The landlord of the property, Yemi Oketola, said the deceased had issued him two post-dated cheques as payment for his rent.

Oketola on hearing of the arrest of his other tenants, visited the SCID and appealed to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Damilola Adegbuyi, for their release.

He said, “I do not live in the house but immediately I got wind of the incident, I went to the SCID and I met with the DCP in charge. I complained that a neighbour, who took Ohamara to the hospital ,was arrested. The DCP promised that my tenants would be released.

“When I went to see the Investigating Police Officer, he informed me that the cost of bailing each person was N350, 000. I called the DCP and he was very angry when he heard about the demand. He said he would make sure that the tenants were released.”

When contacted on the telephone, the spokesperson for the state police command, Ngozi Braide, confirmed the murder. Braide however said she could not confirm if the deceased was a homosexual or not.


Okada Rider Sentenced To Death By Hanging

A 25-year-old commercial motorcyclist, known in local parlance as okada rider, Etenuwoma Oghenero, has been sentenced to death by hanging by an Isiokolo High Court of Justice, for armed robbery.

The convicted armed robber who hails from Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, southsouth Nigeria, along with others now at large, allegedly robbed Felix Itirikpe, a transporter, of his valuables including cash at gun point.

The offence was committed at Okurekpe village, Kokori within Isiokolo judicial division, Isiokolo on 30 January, 2010.

Delivering judgement in the case, the court held that the prosecution proved the two-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and armed robbery beyond reasonable doubt.

The court thereafter pronounced the accused guilty, and imposed the maximum punishment as stipulated in the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act Cap R11 Volume 14 laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2004.

Source: PM News


Abuja Prison Rejects Boko Haram Bomber Because He's Too Dangerous

A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday issued an order relocating Mr. Kabiru Sokoto, the suspected operation arrow-head of the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, from Kuje prisons to the custody of the State Security Service, SSS.

The order to relocate the suspected bomber of St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, Niger State, on Christmas day, followed a request by the lead counsel to the Federal Government, Mrs. Chioma Onuegbu, in the matter yesterday.

The prosecution relied on a letter emanating from the Office of the Comptroller General of Prisons stating that there was a major work ongoing at the prison formation, which was stressing the facility.

The prison boss prayed the prosecution to relocate Sokoto to the custody of the SSS where his security could be guaranteed on a day Sokoto himself prayed the court to admit him to bail to enable him prepare for his trial.

But National Mirror gathered yesterday that the main reason for the relocation was not unconnected with the fear of attack of the prison. The court had on April 19 ordered that Sokoto be remanded in Kuje prisons.

But Sokoto was not moved from the SSS custody to Kuje prisons until April 25, following bureaucratic challenges. But even when he was moved to the Kuje prisons, neither his counsel nor his family members could gain access to him.

His lead counsel, Mr H. A. Ibrahim, who protested to the court yesterday over the flouting of its order, however, claimed that access to Sokoto at the custody of the SSS was better than the prison.

He said efforts by his team to see Sokoto on April 26, 27 and May 1 at Kuje failed.


My Girl Is A Devil Child

Star's preacher dad urges congregations to 'pray' for his daughter.

Pop star Katy Perry has been branded a “devil child” — by her own dad.
Firebrand preacher Keith Perry also claims watching his daughter’s gigs is so hellish he ends up weeping because the fans are worshiping the singer instead of God.

And, in a string of bizarre sermons, he urges congregations to “pray for Katy”, whose hits include I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It.

Keith and wife Mary are currently touring American churches as star speakers.

The pair, who have made millions off the back of their famous daughter, show a video making Katy out to be a “devil child” who needs “healing”.

Speaking in Santa Fe Springs, California, Keith ranted: “They ask how can I preach if I produce a girl who sang about kissing another girl?

“I was at a concert of Katy’s where there were 20,000. I’m watching this generation and they were going at it. It almost looked like church.

“I stood there and wept and kept on weeping and weeping. They’re loving and worshiping the wrong thing.”

Katy’s parents ask for donations, saying they need “not one or two dollars, but 20s” so they can go to Switzerland.

Katy, 28, was a church singer before hitting the big time. She was briefly wed to sex-mad Brit comedian Russell Brand.

Source: UK Sun