Sunday, 14 April 2013

NEWSLINE: Human Parts Business Man Goes Mad.

Doose Nomhwange left home one morning, unaware that danger lurked ahead. Her friend of many years lured her to a man who traded in human parts. But fate pulled a fast one on her captor who, on the verge of killing her, became mad. Call it a demonstration of power between the forces of light and darkness in which the former roundly won.

Read the heartrending account of how this middle-aged widow went to hell and came back alive to tell her story.

Unforgettable Day

I had lived in Lagos where I had all my kids. But later, I lost my husband. Some time ago, I went back to Lagos to find what to do to take care of my two sets of twins. I was a full-time housewife when I had my children. I intended going back to school to further my education but my husband, an Ogoni, from Rivers State, stopped me because I was too young, and we agreed that I could go back to school when I finished having my babies. But later, things became tough because my husband was a businessman.  When he died, I had to return to Benue State because I was the firstborn of my parents and I didn’t want to take my children to Rivers State because Benue has more food. So, I returned to Lagos, and that was when I met a man. He owns an oil and gas company (name withheld) and he employed me personally as a marketer, canvassing for people who would buy oil, diesel, fuel and all that.

On this fateful day, I went to see my father who was ill and on admission at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. There was something they needed for my father’s treatment and they didn’t have it in Ibadan.  So, they wrote it down for me to buy and I went to Boluke Pharmacy on Awolowo Way in Ikeja. As soon as I walked out from the pharmacy because I lived at Ojodu Berger, I saw Aisha, a lady I had met long ago at the office of my cousin who was a stylist and we became friends.

The lady is from Igbira in Kogi State. She wanted us to talk about a supply contract she had. I suggested that we sat in an eatery on Allen Avenue, but she said there was a new eatery on Toyin Street where we could talk. There was a young man by her side that she introduced to me as her fiancé, adding that they were going to wed in two months’. We jumped into the young man’s car and they assured me that from the eatery, they would take the expressway, drop me and then go back to Ogba. When we got to that place, the man horned and the gate was opened. We saw a lot of cars outside because it was an estate. Inside the house, people sat with their girlfriends, drinking and eating. I didn’t know that they were members of a satanic group. My friend drank beer and after apologizing that she had no money to buy me wine, she gave me water.

Evil chief

At a stage, a man gorgeously dressed in native attire (names withheld), came in and walked to our table. A lot of them got up and greeted him. I also got up and greeted him. After a glance at me, he asked why I was not drinking and he bought Campari for me. He opened the bottle and I took a glass and because nobody was interested, I dropped the bottle in my bag. After my discussion with the lady, I waited for them to drop me off as earlier agreed but the young man said he wanted to ease himself but never came back. After about 10 minutes, the lady, left in search of her fiancé, leaving her bag behind. After a long wait, I became worried and told the barman that I was leaving. As I walked towards the gate, the gateman shut it.

The chief shows up

When I turned, I saw the gorgeously dressed man walking towards the gate. I thanked him for the entertainment and told I was leaving. The man said: “Do you know who you are talking to? You are an idiot! Common, shut up! Don’t you know I am a chief?” Later, he said in Yoruba: “Omo Oba”, and some young men including two that looked like bouncers came. On his orders, they collected my handset and handbag, and took me upstairs.

So, they took me upstairs and flung me into one room and shut the door. Inside the room, I saw many clothes, bags and more than 1000 SIM cards. About 15 minutes later, the man appeared and ordered me to, “pull off everything and drop it there”, and I obeyed.



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