Sunday, 31 March 2013

Genevieve Nnaji, Kate Henshaw In Cold War !

Saying these actresses rank among the best in their industry is stating the obvious. Apart from A-list, they are the most sought after and their wide range of endorsements tell their success story.
But unknown to their fans , they do not see eye-to-eye as a no love lost situation exists between the duo. They avoid each other like a plague.
Obioha, a reputable event planner, had invited the crème of the society to witness the launch of her latest business venture. These two actresses made the guest list and honoured the host with their presence.

Henshaw-Nuttal, who arrived earlier than Nnaji, enlivened the arena with her presence. Full of smiles, she chatted animatedly with other guests and her infectious warmth spread around.

All of these ceased when Nnaji walked into the venue. Not only did Henshaw-Nuttal’s countenance change, the actresses did not say hello to each other. The pair carried on as if the other did not exist. Subsequently, Henshaw-Nuttal left the venue of the party straight-faced.

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