Tuesday, 9 April 2013

READ! My Boyfriend Don't Have Money and I Need Money; Can I Dump Him?

I need to know if love can survive without money because in my situation i do not think so. I have a boyfriend that i love and he loves me too but he is broke and really jealous and possessive. We have been dating for almost two years now and i have been faithful and honest.

The problem here is that my sponsors who help out with my education are no longer helping out as they used to and i have so many needs for money especially...

My textbooks and other essentials which i can't readily get anymore and my boyfriend, being broke cannot help out either. He is yet to get a job and i am getting really sick and tired because i need money FAAAAST!

I met someone else who can actually assist me cos he is financially stable but i am reluctant in accepting his proposal of a relationship because of my current relationship.

Should i break up with my boyfriend? I know it would hurt him but i really can't keep up with all these problems anymore.

Please sincere advice.


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