Tuesday, 9 April 2013

SHAME: Lagos Girl Sends Her Naked Photo To Modelling Agent

One wonders why ladies are easily deceived. Any job you want to do and someone is asking you to take nude pictures of yourself and send to him, it should be obvious that it’s not genuine.
From what Olufamous.com gathered, this Lagos babe said her dream is to be a big model for companies and brands. While searching for the right agent to ‘connect’ her, she met a guy named Tony on Twitter who claimed to be a modelling agent, and that he has links to international jobs.
Tony went ahead to brain wash this babe by telling her that her body colour will sell very well, sending her names of notable companies that she can model for by passing through him, with all the benefits that comes with gracing big products/brands.
Finally, the guy mentioned what he really wanted from her; he told her to send 26 pictures of herself posing in different styles, including some without any clothes so that his international clients can be impressed. And the “mumu” girl didn’t waste time to send her nude pictures to Tony, all in the name of modelling.
Since there is no job anywhere for the desperate babe, Tony has been spreading the compromising photos to his friens on the social networking platform.
OBSERVATION: Most ladies always fall for cheap lies from bad guys but they find it difficult to trust good guys because they (good guys) don’t know how to paint false images!

SOURCE: Olufamous

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