Wednesday, 10 April 2013

So Devastated: Tom Cruise 'did not expect' his divorce from Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's split dominated headlines when the news broke in June 2012 and left many onlookers surprised.

A recent interview with the Top Gun star proves that fans weren't the only ones who hadn't seen it coming.

"I hadn't expected it," confessed Tom in an interview with German TV network ProSieben.
The action hero, who turned 50 five days before Katie filed for divorce, spoke candidly about his ex-wife's decision to call time on their five-year marriage.

"Life is a challenge," he said. "You are 50 and you think you have everything in order and suddenly it hits you, that’s what life is all about."

As the Mission Impossible star enters his fifties, it's almost certain that he won't be slowing down.

While filming his most recent flick Oblivion in Iceland, he white water rafted, snowmobiled and climbed mountains.

And the energetic actor, who is famed for doing his own stunts, retains a bright outlook. "Life is like a tragic comedy, you need a sense of humor," he said.

Despite Tom's confessed sadness at the time of their split and rumours of tension between the former couple, a friend has insisted that "they are incredibly happy" and confirmed that they both still see their six-year-old daughter, Suri.

Both Tom and Katie, 34, have been rebuilding their lives following a quickie divorce in the summer of 2012. 

They reached an agreement less than two weeks into their headline-dominating separation but, despite the swift solution, Tom's lawyer Burt Fields said his client was "still tremendously saddened and shocked about the divorce."
"Tom is obviously relieved that the settlement was reached, but is still sad, obviously," he said.

The couple agreed that Suri should live in New York with her mother, and the little girl has since enjoyed various visits to her father on the UK set of his film, All You Need Is Kill.

Katie, meanwhile, has been carrying on with life as a working single mother, enjoying critical acclaim with her Broadway play Dead Accounts as well as continuing success with the Holmes & Yang fashion line, which she runs with her stylist Jeanne Yanghe.

Tom was previously married to Moulin Rouge star Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, and actress Mimi Rogers. It was 34-year-old Katie's first marriage.

Throughout their relationship Tom and Katie faced doubters, who questioned the veracity of their feelings. Despite the pair's union lasting five years it seems the pressure of life in the spotlight took its toll.

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