Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Madness: Brazilian Model Breastfeeding Calves (PHOTOS)

Uproar has ensued online after a tried to breastfeed a herd of cows in a series of stomach-churning snaps, no pun intended here.
The former Pamela Anderson lookalike Sabrina Boing Boing photographed herself lifting up her top and offering her breasts to a calf in the snaps, The Sun reports.
The model shared the snaps with her 17,000 followers on photo-sharing site Instagram.
The 28-year-old model slash DJ captioned the photos: “Testing done with mammals, so far everyone wants suck lol.”
The cows had no interest in her offerings as she later commented, “And he would not even suck.”
The least insulting photo of a bad bunch, believe us.
Although there is no photo evidence of her feeding the , the photos have provoked hundreds of angry tweets who have branded the model “sick” and “disgusting”.
But, as the D-list celebs say, no publicity is bad publicity. Sabrina responded to the angry tweets, saying, “”Some things don’t need to make sense, just worth it!”
And, “I do not consider myself in any way ordinary”.

 What is your view on this Model`s display of Talent?

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