Saturday, 30 March 2013

WEIRD:Entire Family Commits Suicide Believing They Will Meet God

Superstition and blind faith can prove to be fatal. A family of five people in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan consumed poison and died in the belief that they would meet god.
The family of a photographer Kanchan Singh residing in Gangapur city consumed cyanide laced laddoos on Thursday. Singh also made a video of the entire incident and was even seen telling his family how he tried to meet Lord Shiva in heaven but failed. The family members who died include Singh's wife, three children and his engineer brother.
In fact the entire family was extremely religious and used to observe every festivals and religious ceremonies. They even watched only religious serials and shows on TV and the children were extremely influenced by a serial on Lord Shiva. The entire matter came to light after the police examined the video.
The family of photographer Kanchan Singh residing in Gangapur city also made a video of the entire incident.
Before committing suicide Singh made a video of each and every member of the family and asked them why they wanted to die and also about their feelings. Then the entire family sat together and Singh gave them the laddoos laced with cyanide. All the family members ate the laddoos together and all of them died within a few minutes of each other.
The family members have been identified and they are Kanchan Singh, his wife Neelam, brother Deep Singh, son Pradyumn and daughter Rini has died on the spot. When Singh's niece Rashmi saw her family members dying, she ran away and informed the neighbours, who reached the house and found Singh's mother and nephew alive.
The three surviving members have been admitted to the Sawai Mansingh Hospital in a critical condition.

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