Saturday, 30 March 2013

Who is Regina Askia?

Well we aren’t the one asking the questions. It is them. The people who work with her in the US. Her fellow nurses and the medical personnel that she bickers with when she has a few short breaks within her working schedule. I imagine the scenario where she smiles and tells the listening ears that are staring at her that “There’s this handsome guy called RMD. We acted together” and “Oh! I traveled all over the world and men were swarming at my feet”.
She would try to frown in the midst of the explanation “You think I’m kidding” and she’d be cut short by short outbursts of laughter from colleagues, who would quickly hold their lips and burst into another round of laughter.
“Sorry Reg, we believe yo’. Just some hilarious shit yo’ saying”
“For real” Regina would get up from her seat and walk towards her colleagues “I’m serious. I was once the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. Forget about how I look now. It is stress and age”
She would shake her head in pity and go back to her system, her Facebook message and type this to whoever cares.
Well matter-of-factly, Regina Askia who is now Regina Askia-Williams was once the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. She had the looks and accents that made men come tumbling down her feet. She starred in some of Nigeria’s most popular films such as Full Moon and a host of other along with some of Nigeria’s best actors and actresses. Regina was the talk of tabloids (even before the blogs in Nigeria started to exist). Her cat eyes were to die for. However, she left all the fame and fortune and decided to settle down as a married woman in the United States as well as find a lucrative career in Nursing, probably after finding that breaking into Hollywood might be pretty tough.
For her colleagues who doubt her, well, it is a representation of life. Everything comes in phases and everything has its time and time. Who is Regina Askia? She’s the ever-pretty woman who has left her name in the hearts of many and that’ll be hard to erase.


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