Thursday, 25 April 2013

Woman ordered to pay ex-husband $7,000 for lying that she was a virgin… in fact, she was a divorcee

You oftentimes hear men complain about their wives changing upon marriage.

The girlfriend who cooked gourmet meals weekly becomes a TV dinner wife.

 The girlfriend who cleaned her place before her man came over becomes the wife that hoards a decade’s worth of junk.

 The girlfriend who exercised every day becomes a wife that that is too tired to go to the gym.

 People forget that the person they fell in love with as boyfriend or girlfriend is practically the same person they’d like to be with upon marriage.

What if men were allowed to sue their wives for not being the person they though they were?

 One man did and won his case. An Egyptian woman has been ordered to pay her ex-husband £5,240 or $7,500 in damages after he discovered that she lied about being a virgín.

 The woman went through great lengths to conceal the loss of her virginíty by having a secret surgery. After three years of marriage and one child, the man received text messages revealing his wife’s secrets.

During the couple’s bitter divorce battle, there was yet another secret the woman withheld from her husband — she’d been previously married.

The man said as a result of her deception he was ‘suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people around him.’

The judge ruled in the  man’s favor by ordering the wife to pay $7,500 for his emotional distress and to help him overcome the stigma in what is considered in some parts of Arab an embarrassment to him and his family.

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