Tuesday, 23 April 2013

For Women: 5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Man

1, “Your friend is so handsome”
Never tell your guy that a friend of his you recently met is handsome or hot or charming; most especially, when you’ve never complimented your guy on such. That will just be looking for trouble. A guy would find it complimenting if you tell him he has really good friends. But if you compliment his friend with any traits that your own man lacks in, he’d feel more insecure and even get angry with you and his friend.
2, “Can’t you do it like my ex?”
Never say the word ‘ex’ and ‘you’ in the same sentence unless you’re complimenting your guy. Guys hate being compared, especially with your exes.
3, “Why are you so stupid?”
Never ever disrespect your man. Don’t insult him or put him down in front of his friends and family. Settle whatever issues you have with him like an adult. Never resort to name calling.
4, “I’ve dated better guys”
This is one of the worst things you can say to a guy.  It’s most likely to end the relationship forever. If you say this to a guy, you’ll make him insecure and every time you’re together, he’ll be wondering if you’re thinking about those “better guys” and how to replace him. He’ll never feel safe with you again.
5, “We need to talk”
A lot of guys agree that this is one of the scariest things a girl can say to them. The fact that you want to talk about something serious with your guy is a good sign for the relationship. But when you walk up to him and say “we need to talk,” it makes him become defensive and start wondering what he did wrong and whether he needs to start thinking of a lie to tell you.

So guys what do you think? What can a girl say to annoy you so much that you want to break up with her? Please share your opinions and suggestions in the comment box.

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