Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Brazilian man gets eyeballs tattooed (Pictured)

Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos tattooed his eyeballs to make them darker — by using a syringe to inject dye into the whites of his eyes.

A Brazilian man claims he ‘cried ink for two days’ after getting his eyeballs tattooed to make them darker.

Tattoo artist Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, 39, of Sao Paulo, decided to go ahead with the bizarre procedure after having already had 70 per cent of his body covered in ink.

The work involved a special syringe being used to inject the ink into the sclera-the white part of his eyes.

The ink used to inject his eye is believed to be the same used for tattoos on the rest of the body.

Eye specialists have advised against the procedure which some warn can cause inflammation and possibly even vision loss.

Eye tattooing is believed to be growing in popularity worldwide, with a tattoo artist in Australia claiming to be the first to have had the procedure done.

It is part of a trend for more unusual tattoos, with some women even having ‘perfect’ eyebrows and nipples tattooed onto them as a beauty treatment.

Looking at the eyes alone gives me the creeps, and I cant help but wonder how anyone will allow a needle close to their eyes, talk more of inside.

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