Monday, 1 April 2013

Akpos Interview.

Akpos and johnny went for an interview for employment. johnny was the first to enter the interviewing office.. (the manager asking johnny questions).
Manager: who was the first military head of state in Nigeria???..
Johnny: General Aguyi Ironsi..
Manager: when was the North and southern protectorate in Nigeria Amalgamated???.
Johnny: 1914..
Manager: Dat is gud of you..
Question no 3, is it true that the cure for
aids is discovered???..
Johnny: eehm.. yes but not scientifically proven...
Manager: good way of answering questions,
pls can you wait for us outside and we will attend to you later... (when johnny went
outside akpos asked him)..
Akpos: johnny, what are the questions and please tell me the answers??.. (as johnny was about to tell akpos the questions and
answer, the manager shouted
from inside `NEXT'..
Akpos then said to Johnny)..
Akpos: Ok tell me only the answers..
Johnny: answer to number 1 is: General Aguyi Ironsi, number 2 is=1914, number 3 is=yes but not scientifically proven
(mumu Akpos got to d interview, after exchanging greetings, d manager told him to
sit down)
manager: Please sir, What is ur name?
Akpos : General Aguyi Ironsi
(manager became confused)
Manager: Please what year where you born?
Akpos: 1914
Manager: (angrily, he shouted at Akpos)!! are u mad?!!!
Akpos: Yes, but not scientifically proven.

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